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Our Story

Vizo Financial’s story is simple, because we have only one simple goal – to help your credit union succeed. Whether you need assistance with balance sheet management and investments or payment processing, we’re here to provide you with a complete back office solution so you can focus on your community and fulfilling the credit union movement of “people helping people.”

Helping a neighbor send their son to college or helping a member get a loan for a new car – these are the things that are important to you. The success of credit unions everywhere – that’s what is important to us. And that’s why everything we do, every decision we make, is with you in mind.

So when your credit union needs a hand, make sure we’re on speed dial #1. It all starts with one call to Vizo Financial.

Vizo… is a vision. A vision where credit unions thrive in the present and expand in the future. All it takes is integrity in our actions, passion in our work, knowledge at our fingertips and cooperation with our peers. Vizo Financial believes this vision is possible…and it’s our mission to make it happen. For the good of our movement and the service of our members, Vizo Financial is the future for credit unions.

Our Vision

Driving credit union success through proven EXCELLENCE, unmatched EXPERTISE and engaged PARTNERSHIPS.

Our Core Values

Integrity Above All

  • Hold yourself accountable.
  • Be truthful in words and actions.
  • Always do the right thing.

Passion for Service

  • Be willing to go the extra mile.
  • Work in the best interests of others.
  • Serve with energy and enthusiasm.

One Unified Team

  • Execute team goals.
  • Give others the benefit of the doubt.
  • Support each other.

Continue to Learn

  • Be better today than you were yesterday.
  • Help others develop.
  • Try new things.

The Eight Cooperative Principles

Cooperative. That’s what a credit union is. And what is a cooperative you ask? A cooperative is a business that is owned and directed by its consumers and pools their resources for mutual benefit. Credit unions fall into this category of cooperative organizations because their members play a vital role in the success of the credit union, and they own a piece of the credit union upon opening an account. As cooperative institutions, credit unions live by the eight cooperative principles.

Voluntary and open membership

Credit unions are voluntary, cooperative organizations, offering services to people willing to accept the responsibilities and benefits of membership, without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination.

Democratic member control

Cooperatives are democratic organizations owned and controlled by their members, one member one vote, with equal opportunity for participation in setting policies and making decisions.

Member economic participation

Members are the owners. As such they contribute to, and democratically control, the capital of the cooperative. This benefits members in proportion to the transactions with the cooperative rather than on the capital invested.

Autonomy and independence

Cooperatives are autonomous, self-help organizations controlled by their members. If the cooperative enters into agreements with other organizations or raises capital from external sources, it is done so based on terms that ensure democratic control by the member and maintains the cooperative autonomy.

Education, training, and information

Cooperatives provide education and training for members, elected representatives, managers and employees so they can contribute effectively to the development of the cooperative.

Cooperation among cooperatives

Cooperatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the cooperative movement by working together through local, state, regional, national, and international structures.

Concern for community

While focusing on member needs, cooperatives work for the sustainable development of communities, including people of modest means, through policies developed and accepted by the members.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Cooperatives believe we are stronger when a proactive effort is put forth to engage everyone in governance, management and representation.