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Credit Union Training Videos

Being a partner to our credit unions means more than just providing products and services – it’s also about encouraging the educational development of credit union employees, volunteers and the movement. The Corporate has created several videos designed specifically for credit unions on topics from ERM to ALM to the ACH Network. Watch these videos anytime, anywhere!

Asset Liability Management (ALM)

Introduction to Asset Liability Management

ALM is critical to proper management of financial institution returns and risks. This educational video will explain the basics of interest rate risk and how it is measured.

Financial Performance Reporting: Important Ratios to Consider

This video will discuss some practical and time efficient ways to take in a high-level measure of analysis for your credit union, as well as reviewing some key ratios that can help your level of understanding to ensure your credit union is moving in the right direction.

Funding and Liquidity Risk

Mismanaging liquidity risk can potentially leave your credit union in a very fragile state. This video will help you identify the important components associated with liquidity and funding risk and how to make sound strategic decisions.

Measuring & Monitoring Interest Rate Risk

This video will explain interest rate risk and the common methods to measure it: income simulation modeling and net economic value.

Credit Union Movement

Role of the Federal Reserve

This session will discuss the role the Federal Reserve plays in the financial system and the effect it has on your credit union.

Eight Cooperative Principles

Eight Principles guide cooperative businesses, including Credit Unions, all over the world. Learn more about the shared values and these eight principles.

The Credit Union Philosophy

This video focuses on the four key areas of credit unions; what is a credit union, the credit union movement, credit union history and the credit union philosophy.

The History of Corporate Credit Unions

This video goes over the history of corporate credit unions, how they are utilized and where they are today.

Banks vs Credit Unions

This video will discuss the three main differences between banks and credit unions.


Importance of the Investment Portfolio

This session will help you understand the basic investment-related responsibilities of the Board, Management, and Supervisory Committee. It will help identify the reasons for investing, the types of risks involved with investing, and what types of investments are permissible.

Bond and Yield Curve Basics

Bond investing – What is the relationship between bond price and yield. This video session will answer that question and provide additional general information on bonds and yield curves.

Key Economic Indicators – Part 1

This session will discuss and review key economic indicators your institution needs to be aware of.

Key Economic Indicators – Part 2

This session will continue the discussion of key economic indicators your institution needs to be aware of.


Check Fundamentals Series - Parts of a Check

This video will provide an overview of all the parts of a check. Not sure what all those numbers on the bottom really mean? Watch our short video to find out.

Check Fundamentals Series - History of Checks

This video will provide an overview of the history of checks. Learn more about where they came from and how check processing has evolved.

Check Fundamentals Series - Important Definitions

This video will provide an overview of some important definitions regarding check processing.

Check Fundamentals Series - Lifecycle of a Check

This video will provide an overview of the lifecycle of a check. Learn more about what happens behind the scenes when you deposit a check.

Understanding the ACH Network

This session will provide an introduction to the ACH Network and ACH Payments. In addition, the video will explain the roles and responsibilities of ACH participants and how the ACH Network supports payments and information.

Risk Management

Elder Financial Abuse Training

Elder financial abuse can be devastating to an elderly victim and is frequently traced to family members, trusted friends, and caregivers. This training video will walk you through the most common signs, schemes and suspects to help your staff and your members armor up against elder financial abuse.

Ratios, Risks and Internal Controls

This session will discuss the key ratios every director should know about their institution. We will also discuss risk management practices and describe the various types of risk every institution faces.

Cybersecurity Basics

This training video gives an introduction to the cybersecurity world and talks about its basic concepts. You get to know different kinds of attacks in today's IT world and how cybersecurity can assist your credit union against these attacks.

Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)

This video training will provide an overview of the history of BSA, other organization and acts involved in BSA and the necessary components of a BSA program.

Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management

This video session will introduce you to the basics of Enterprise Risk Management and the benefits of implementing an ERM solution within your credit union.

Identity Theft 101

Unfortunately in today’s world, identity theft occurs every minute and we need to be vigilant. This educational video will explain what identity theft and fraud are, those most likely to be victimized and ways to protect ourselves and members.

Additional Training

Project Management Office (PMO) Training

Project Management Office (PMO) enables organizations to execute projects effectively and efficiently. This training video gives an introduction to the five major phases of PMO.