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Credit Union Training Videos

Vizo Financial is committed to the educational development of credit union employees, volunteers and the movement. The Corporate has created several videos designed specifically for credit unions on topics from ERM to ALM to the ACH Network. These videos provide the flexibility to view the programs at anytime from anywhere.

Introduction to Asset Liability Management

ALM is critical to proper management of financial institution returns and risks. This educational video will explain the basics of interest rate risk and how it is measured.

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Funding and Liquidity Risk

Mismanaging liquidity risk can potentially leave your credit union in a very fragile state. This video will help you identify the important components associated with liquidity and funding risk and how to make sound strategic decisions.

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Measuring & Monitoring Interest Rate Risk

This video will explain interest rate risk and the common methods to measure it: income simulation modeling and net economic value.

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The Credit Union Philosophy

This video focuses on the four key areas of credit unions; what is a credit union, the credit union movement, credit union history and the credit union philosophy.

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Bond and Yield Curve Basics

Bond investing – What is the relationship between bond price and yield. This video session will answer that question and provide additional general information on bonds and yield curves.

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Understanding the ACH Network

This session will provide an introduction to the ACH Network and ACH Payments. In addition, the video will explain the roles and responsibilities of ACH participants and how the ACH Network supports payments and information.

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Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)

This video training will provide an overview of the history of BSA, other organization and acts involved in BSA and the necessary components of a BSA program.

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Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management

This video session will introduce you to the basics of Enterprise Risk Management and the benefits of implementing an ERM solution within your credit union.

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Identity Theft 101

Unfortunately in today’s world, identity theft occurs every minute and we need to be vigilant. This educational video will explain what identity theft and fraud are, those most likely to be victimized and ways to protect ourselves and members.

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