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People Development

The credit union is a people movement, plain and simple. And the best way to serve people in our communities is to have knowledgeable and engaged employees and board members. These are the folks who contribute to our successes, so why not invest in theirs? Our People Development resources can help you do just that!

I-Care Employee Benefits

Cooperation and helping people. Those are the ideas that brought credit unions to life. And now, they’re the ideas behind I-Care, an employee benefits solution for credit unions with 10 or more employees. Vizo Financial has teamed up with InterLutions, the credit union service organization responsible for I-Care, to give credit unions a chance to lower overall healthcare costs while retaining or even improving coverage for employees.

It’s accomplished through the program’s collaborative foundation. I-Care pools together the resources of all participating credit unions to establish an innovative approach to health insurance. In addition, InterLutions works collaboratively with Lockton, the world’s largest, privately-held insurance broker, to find competitive health plans from a variety of insurance providers. That means more flexibility for credit unions – you can even design your own tailor-made plan through I-Care!

But there’s more than just better coverage and lower costs awaiting you with I-Care. There are actual resources and experts available to help you achieve the following goals:

  • Clearly define the performance of your employee benefits
  • Create custom healthcare plans to benefit your employees and your budget
  • Retain employees and meet their healthcare needs
  • Make educated assumptions to determine your future health coverage needs
  • Analyze overall use of your coverage to decrease claims
  • Work cooperatively with other credit unions for the greater good of the movement and the people behind the movement

We at Vizo Financial want to ensure your credit union truly sees a positive impact with this program. We want you to be able to give your employees the care they deserve, to hold on to the employees who make your institution a pinnacle of your community, to reduce your healthcare risks and costs so that you can focus on making your employees and your members happy.

I-Care can. Just take a look at these stories to see for yourself…

Flexibility of plan design, along with the potential for significant cost savings and future wellness programs, made I-Care the best employee healthcare option for us.

Terri Green, VP of HR, Fox Communities CU

When we considered our healthcare alternatives, I-Care was just the logical choice. The right pricing, service and people made it a no-brainer.

David Powers, CFO, Landmark CU

Workshops & Conferences

In addition to our many webinars, Vizo Financial also offers a wealth of knowledge to credit unions through in-person workshops and conferences.

Each year, the Corporate holds the following educational events:

  • Financial Strategies Workshops
  • Risk Management Conference
  • Financial Conference
  • Payments Conference
  • Security & Compliance Workshop

Our workshops are one-day events with back-to-back education sessions on the topic at hand. These events are convenient for our members to attend, as they are designed to minimize your time away from the office, and maximize your training hours.

Our conferences are multi-day events that feature lots of options for education sessions, networking receptions and events, special activities and high-class accommodations. Each conference is meant to give credit unions access to more robust, in-depth education from a variety of industry experts.

Vizo Financial’s events are listed on our Events page. Similar to our webinars, registration can be completed from the page by clicking the "Register" button under the specific event. The registration sites offer information about the events, including the agenda, session descriptions, speaker bios, activities, hotel accommodations, CPE information and more.

View Upcoming Events


Each quarter, Vizo Financial holds several webinars on different topics pertinent to the credit union industry. We cover topics such as ACH, ALM, culture development, balance sheet management, risk compliance, product/service demos and overviews and more.

And our webinars offer a lot of fantastic perks, including:

  • Remote attendance, so you can join in from anywhere!
  • Most webinars are recorded for playback if you can’t attend the live session.
  • The majority of our webinars are free to credit unions.
  • Several webinars qualify for CPE credits that you can use toward your continuing education achievements.

All of Vizo Financial’s webinars are listed on the Webinars page of our website. To sign up for a webinar, simply visit this page and click the "Register" button. This will take you to the webinar registration page, where you will see a complete description of the webinar, information about the presenter, CPE information and more. From the summary page, simply click the "Register" button and complete the simple registration process.

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Board Training

Vizo Financial has created several board training videos on a variety of topics, from interest rate risk and balance sheet management to identity theft and enterprise risk management. Each video provides pertinent information that your credit union’s board members should know as leaders and decision makers for your institution. We offer the board training videos at no cost to your credit union, so that you can educate your board and give them the guidance they need to make the most effective and informed decisions.

View Training Videos

Book Club

Our chief culture officer, Joe Bertotto, will lead your credit union’s private book club and facilitate discussions pertaining to the club's literature, Picking Up the Gum Wrapper: How to Create a Workplace That Increases Performance While Improving Lives. Joe also happens to be the author of this book, which will walk you and your team through three proven steps to building a compelling workplace. Who doesn't want that, right?

Here are some details about the book club:

  • Joe will lead five one-hour sessions privately with your credit union
  • Participants from the credit union will be capped at 25 for optimum interaction
  • All participants will read approximately 50 pages of the book before each session
  • Dialogue about the reading and how to implement those tactics will guide the discussion
  • The highly interactive sessions will be held via Zoom, so a camera and audio are required for all participants

If you're interested in signing your credit union up for a leadership book club with Joe Bertotto, please reach out to us at

Video Channel

Vizo Financial’s video channel offers five different video series that are meant to inform, educate and entertain credit union staff. Our video channel can be accessed via YouTube by searching Vizo Financial. On the channel you’ll find the following series:

Ask Joe

Follow the heroic chronicles of the "culture crusader," Joe and his loyal sidekick, Jeanne. In each episode, the workplace culture duo comes to the rescue of a leader or employee in need. No matter the issue, Ask Joe and Jeanne help regain a positive work environment. Viewers can even submit workplace-related questions of their own!

Watch the latest Ask Joe video

FOMC Update

After every meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), we provide a brief analysis to help you understand the results. What decisions were made? What was the committee’s final statement? It’s all in our FOMC Update!

Watch the latest FOMC Update video


Need help with a human resources issue? Join Janice Appleby, Vizo Financial’s chief human resources officer, to go over some of the most important topics HR professionals need to know. After you watch an episode, you’re sure to be HReady!

Watch the latest HReady video

Around the Corporate

Each episode of Around the Corporate is filled with the quirks and experiences of Vizo Financial’s chief engagement officer, Rodney May. Have some fun, learn about what’s going on around the corporate and meet one of our employees during an interview with Rodney.

Watch the latest Around the Corporate video

Difference Makers

Difference Makers is Vizo Financial’s newest show, which showcases community involvement efforts by the corporate and by credit unions throughout the country. Hosted by Erin Doan, Vizo Financial’s administration and community relations director, Difference Makers demonstrates the credit union movement’s cooperative principle of "concern for community" and philosophy of "people helping people."

Watch the latest Difference Makers video