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Ask Joe

Ask Joe videos provide a fun way to learn about solving workplace issues and drama with our chief culture officer, Joe Bertotto and his sidekick, Jeanne.

Hailey is frustrated with her boss, Quinn. She has lots of new ideas, but Quinn would rather not make changes and doesn't listen. Hailey feels stuck in a stagnant workplace. Should she voice her concerns or just stick with the status quo? It sounds like a question to Ask Joe & Jeanne!

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Difference Makers

The Difference Makers videos showcases the community involvement efforts of credit unions. This series is hosted by our administration and community relations director, Erin Doan.

What does it mean to be a difference maker? For credit unions, it's about helping people in need. In this episode, Brittany is joined by our favorite on-site reporter, Jaime. Together, they talk about how credit unions are making a difference by providing grants to non-profits, supporting local heritage, donating to help veterans and their families and contributing to breast cancer research and awareness.

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HReady videos provide education on current HR issues that may impact your organization hosted by our chief human resources officer, Janice Appleby.

Join Janice Appleby, chief human resources officer for Vizo Financial, as she answers the following question: According to a survey by BetterUp Labs, 9 out of 10 employees said they would give up 23 percent of their future earnings for which work benefit?

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The FOMC Update videos provide an analysis of the Federal Open Market Committee Meetings. This video features our chief credit officer, Tim Sustak.

Tim Sustak, chief credit officer for Vizo Financial, delivers the results from the March 15th Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting in our FOMC Update.

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Around The Corporate

Rodney May, Chief Engagement Officer, brings back his newsletter favorite in the form of a video series.

Rodney is bound and determined to make a name for himself...through reality TV! We got our hands on his American Idol, Big Brother and American Ninja Warrior audition tapes. Will they help him reach the stardom he craves?

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