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Corporate Video Series

Inform, educate, entertain. Those are the goals Vizo Financial had in mind when creating our video series. Credit unions are invited to watch all of our videos – which cover everything from workplace culture to FOMC news – to learn something new and maybe even laugh a little!

Around The Corporate

Rodney May, chief engagement officer, brings back his newsletter favorite in the form of a video series.

Take a walk down memory lane with Rodney as he says goodbye to ATC. Feel all of the laughter, joy and shenanigans culminate in these final bittersweet moments of ATC. You can hear them in the ticking of the hands on a clock, in the smell of a freshly-baked pizza, in the sound of a favorite song played during a road trip from years ago. You can see them in the smile that Rodney just can’t help but wear as he remembers the good times that ATC has brought to all of us. And, finally, savor the moment as Rodney says, “Here’s what’s happening ATC” one last time…that is, if he can find his way out of the office.

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Ask Joe

Ask Joe videos provide a fun way to learn about solving workplace issues and drama with our chief culture officer, Joe Bertotto and his sidekick, Jeanne.

Juniper and Kris are excitedly discussing their innovative project ideas. However, when they present them to their boss, Mike, he brushes them off, asking for an email instead. Juniper and Kris later attend a meeting where Mike asks the team for more project ideas, leaving them feeling undervalued and frustrated. Now, they find themselves at a loss, wondering if their voices truly matter in the workplace. How can Kris and Juniper effectively communicate their feelings to Mike? Sounds like a question for Ask Joe & Jeanne!

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The FOMC Update videos provide an analysis of the Federal Open Market Committee Meetings. This video features our chief treasury officer, Tim Sustak.

In our latest FOMC Update, Tim Sustak, chief treasury officer for Vizo Financial, delivers the results from the January 30-31 Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting in our FOMC Update.

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