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Investment Services

This program makes your credit union's participation in the securities market easy. Investment options include:

• U.S. treasuries
• New issue agencies
• Secondary bullet and callable agencies
• Collateralized mortgage obligations
• Corporate bonds.

All security offerings are permissible under Regulation 703.


The new current expected credit loss (CECL) model is one that every credit union will have to adopt by 2021. Vizo Financial’s CECL solution, powered by ARCSys, can help your credit union with the CECL implementation process needed to ensure compliance with the new model, and beyond. Through the online software, our solution will allow you to upload and balance your loan data, as well as perform calculations that will give you accurate loss allowance figures. Vizo Financial and ARCSys staff will also be available to provide assistance with data collection, data analysis, modeling and more.

Credit unions that utilize our CECL solution will have access to the ARCSys Allowance for Credit Loss (ACL) Calculator, which is a software that will input and balance all of your credit union data, allow you to select your preferred model and make forecasts and calculations that are specific to the new CECL model.


  • Easy to Use - Vizo Financial’s CECL solution powered by ARCSys allows your credit union to build your methodology into the system. The system uses your methodology to migrate your risks.
  • Total Security – The ARCSys system maintains strong IT controls over your credit union data. The systems are ssl certified, yearly system penetration audits are performed, and only anonymous data is stored.
  • Customized Reports - The ARCSys system provides your credit union with numerous custom reports and disclosure reports that support FASB disclosure requirements.
  • FASB Complaint - The ACL Calculator will save you hours of accounting time, providing everything you need to stay compliant.

To view a demo of Vizo Financial’s CECL solution powered by ARCSys, please click here.


The Excess Balance Account (EBA) is an alternative to your premium Share Account that is off of the Corporate's balance sheet. We offer the following account options:

  • • EBA-30
  • • EBA-90

The Corporate offers its members fixed-rate certificates for periods of two days to five years.

The Flex Account is a no maturity investment that pays a higher rate while permitting withdrawals under certain conditions.

The Holiday Share Account is designed to assist in managing your Christmas Club Account more effectively. The Holiday Share Account is a floating-rate investment that earns a variable spread over the Premium Share Account (PSA). Credit unions have the option of choosing a Holiday Share Account that matures on October 1st or November 1st of each year.

This service will provide the accounting and reporting for all your investments, including agency callables and step-ups as well as mortgage-backed securities. Couple this with our ALM & investment specialists on staff and Vizo Financial has all of the tools your credit union needs to more effectively analyze and manage your balance sheet.

The Premium Share Account (PSA) is an overnight account designed for your liquid funds not needed to cover daily transaction and/or settlement activity. There is no minimum balance requirement for the PSA and you can transfer in or out of this account on a daily basis as your funding needs change. This is an attractive option for your credit union’s liquid funds, as the rate on the PSA should be closely correlated to the federal funds rate.


    The PSA30 is a 30-day floating rate account that pays a rate slightly higher than the PSA and provides an excellent complement to your overnight accounts. For members with excess liquidity, the PSA30 offers an opportunity to pick up additional yield without impacting your credit union’s liquidity needs, as funds can be withdrawn after the initial 30-day commitment.


    The PSA90 is a 90-day floating rate account that pays a rate slightly higher than the PSA30 and provides an excellent complement to your other overnight accounts. For members with excess liquidity, the PSA90 offers an opportunity to pick up additional yield without impacting your credit union’s liquidity needs, as funds can be withdrawn after the initial 90-day commitment.

This program allows member credit unions to have their Fed book-entry and DTC-eligible securities held and safeguarded through the Corporate's partnership with U.S. Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank.

This comprehensive CD brokerage management and reporting system is a unique certificate of deposit program that allows credit unions to purchase jumbo CDs that are custom-laddered. In addition, credit unions may issue CDs through the SimpliCD program.

Vizo Financial’s Term Certificates provide member credit unions with a safe, convenient way of accessing the investment market at competitive rates. We have fixed-rate certificates with maturities up to one year, or longer upon request.

Term loans are available to fund short or long-term liquidity needs with flexible maturities ranging from seven days to five years. We offer both fixed rate and variable rate term loans.