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Risk Management

Vizo Financial offers ACH audit services to credit unions through our CUSO, MY CU Services. Our certified staff will take a look at your ACH information to determine compliance with NACHA Rules. In the end, you’ll receive a detailed audit report that meets the NCUA’s requirements.

Benefits of our ACH audit services include:

  • Audit can be performed at any time of the year.
  • Option for remote audit via secure portal or on-site audit.
  • Accredited staff with experience in the regulations and operations sides of ACH.
  • Convenient option for credit unions that use our ACH services.
  • Potential to help resolve audit findings.

Don't overlook business continuity as just a regulatory requirement that will never be needed. Proper planning is essential towards the long-term success of a credit union.

Services Include:

  • Business Impact Analysis
    A business impact analysis reviews your credit union's operations to understand how your business would be affected in the event of an uncontrollable circumstance. This will aid in the creation and maintenance of an effective business continuity plan.
  • Business Continuity Assessments
    It is highly recommended that credit unions have their business continuity plans reviewed by a third party to provide an unbiased view and opinion. Sollievo can be that resource.
  • Business Continuity Planning
    Sollievo can create a customized business continuity plan for your credit union that makes sure all of your unique operations are taken into account.
  • Mass Notification Services
    Sollievo partners with Everbridge, a unified communications provider, to offer a quick and effective communications platform for emergency situations.

Our knowledge and experience on the topics below are available through our consulting services:

  • Business Impact Analysis/Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
  • Compliance
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • IT Security and Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Policy and Procedure Assistance
  • Vendor Management

Sollievo offers several products/services that can help your credit union with the risk management process:

  • Enterprise Risk Management
    Sollievo's Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution is a web-based application designed for credit unions to assess, monitor and remediate risk according to regulatory guidelines. This tool will give your ERM program the boost it needs without draining internal resources.
  • Vendor Management
    Managing your credit union's third party relationships is easier than ever with Sollievo's online vendor management program. The system will track all of your vendor requirements, including risk rating, contracts, expiration dates, incident reports and more.
  • Findings Manager
    Sollievo's ERM findings manager is a web-based solution that streamlines the management of internal or external exam and audit findings by automating business processes and creating efficiencies across the institution.

Through their partnership with Fraud Hotline, Sollievo provides an anonymous and confidential third-party whistle-blower reporting service. This service enables employees, volunteers, board members and others within the organization to submit an anonymous and confidential report 24-hours a day using a secure website form or via a toll-free voicemail number.

Sollievo has joined forces with CyberScout, formerly IDT911, to offer credit unions a full suite of identity theft protection services that will reduce your members’ data risks and boost your credit union’s reputation for security. Choose to offer your members one or all of our three identity theft programs, powered by CyberScout:


The LifeStages program provides proactive identity management, education and support for your credit union’s members.


FraudScout provides all-in-one identity monitoring and privacy protection services for your members on public and private databases, social media and the Internet.


DataRiskStages is a program that your credit union can purchase to provide your merchant members with data breach protection.

Sollievo’s information security risk assessments (ISRAs) will provide an analysis of your security controls, give you an unbiased view of the risks that may affect your members’ data and guide you towards implementing effective mitigations to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of that data.

Financial institutions are being attacked in every direction. And while most credit unions acknowledge the threat, many do not have the time or money to make sure their institution is protected. We offer the following services to relieve some of the burden:

  • Incident Response Planning
    Sollievo's experienced staff can walk you through the scenarios, questions, planning and documentation needed to develop and incident response plan specific to your credit union so you are prepared in the event of an issue and compliant with regulations.
  • Network Security Services
    • Anti-Phishing Takedown Services
      Our anti-phishing takedown service offers a specialized service aimed at alerting your credit union when a "phisher" appears to be preparing an attack against your members. It also puts operational phishing sites out of business fast.
    • Network Security Architecture Reviews
      After working with your credit union to understand the state of your network security architecture and any planned changes for the future, our team will evaluate the designs against industry best practices to determine how effectively you are meeting your security needs.
    • Penetration Testing
      Our penetration test results provide deeper insight into the actual business risks of vulnerabilities that are present on your system and show how an attacker can exploit the vulnerabilities on your network and use the compromised machine to gain access to sensitive information.
    • Social Engineering Testing
      People are the weakest link in the day-to-day management of an organization's network security. Our social engineering testing examines the security awareness and best practices of your employees and supplies.
    • Vulnerability Scanning
      Our scanning service looks for known security gaps and holes in your network and generates a report prioritizing the remediation efforts based upon the severity of each threat and the relative risk that you assign to each asset.
    • Web Application Vulnerability Scanning
      Our web application testing is designed to meet all regulatory requirements, and fully evaluates the security of your applications, whether they be deployed or under development.
    • Wireless Security Audit
      Our comprehensive wireless security audit assesses your wireless LANs, devices, and countermeasures to ensure you are protecting your organization from potential intruders.

Sollievo’s team of experts is available to provide training and education services to your staff and/or board regarding in many forms (depending on the subject matter), including on-site or remote webinars, and is customized for your credit union’s specific needs. Training and education topics offered include:

  • • Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)
  • • Business Continuity
  • • Security Awareness