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Liquidity Solutions

Vizo Financial's partner, CU Business Group, offers expertise and full-service support is the fast, easy and cost-effective way to add business lending and deposit products to your credit union’s list of services.

From planning to servicing, compliance to consulting, pricing to prospecting, they provide the expertise and resources to make your business services program successful.

The new current expected credit loss (CECL) model is one that every credit union will have to adopt by 2021. Vizo Financial’s CECL solution, powered by ARCSys, can help your credit union with the CECL implementation process needed to ensure compliance with the new model, and beyond. Through the online software, our solution will allow you to upload and balance your loan data, as well as perform calculations that will give you accurate loss allowance figures. Vizo Financial and ARCSys staff will also be available to provide assistance with data collection, data analysis, modeling and more.

Credit unions that utilize our CECL solution will have access to the ARCSys Allowance for Credit Loss (ACL) Calculator, which is a software that will input and balance all of your credit union data, allow you to select your preferred model and make forecasts and calculations that are specific to the new CECL model.


  • Easy to Use - Vizo Financial’s CECL solution powered by ARCSys allows your credit union to build your methodology into the system. The system uses your methodology to migrate your risks.
  • Total Security – The ARCSys system maintains strong IT controls over your credit union data. The systems are ssl certified, yearly system penetration audits are performed, and only anonymous data is stored.
  • Customized Reports - The ARCSys system provides your credit union with numerous custom reports and disclosure reports that support FASB disclosure requirements.
  • FASB Complaint - The ACL Calculator will save you hours of accounting time, providing everything you need to stay compliant.

To view a demo of Vizo Financial’s CECL solution powered by ARCSys, please click here.


The Corporate offers letters of credit to guarantee a credit union's financial obligation or contractual agreement with a third party.

Vizo Financial offers advised lines of credit to members at very competitive interest rates and without charging origination or legal fees. In addition, since we only grant loans to credit unions and credit union-related organizations, we can extend more generous lines.

LoanStreet offers a comprehensive online marketplace for all aspects of loan participations. Whether you're looking to reduce capital constraints or boost loan revenue, LoanStreet gives you the tools to buy, sell and manage your loan portfolio within a single platform.

The Corporate offers loan servicing for credit union member business lending.

This comprehensive CD brokerage management and reporting system is a unique certificate of deposit program that allows credit unions to purchase jumbo CDs that are custom-laddered. In addition, credit unions may issue CDs through the SimpliCD program.

Our long-standing partnership with SimpliCD provides a simple solution for credit unions to get liquidity. Click the icon below to find out how your institution can issue a certificate through the SimpliCD program with Vizo Financial!

Vizo Financial is committed to helping your credit union members invest in higher education. This is why we have partnered with Sallie Mae to offer your credit union a comprehensive suite of products and services to support your members' education finance needs.